Weekly Meetings and Monthly Podcasts

Our weekly meetings invite the whole Life Skills community to share the knowledge and practices of real people that can help us deepen our skills and bring us closer to our kids.

Our podcasts are conversations that draw out the wisdom of national and international experts on the skills and activities that help.
Current offerings are available below. You can listen to the entire collection on Spotify.

Next Weekly Zoom Meeting

Life Skills through an Autism Lens

We’ll meet with Emily Saich of the deep and abundant resource for Autism in Pennsylvania, ASERT, to explore what’s available for families and carers, and how Learning Life Skills Together looks through that lens. There are so many connections to be made!
 Listen in this Thursday, 13 June, at 6pm here.

You can listen to previous episodes for free on Spotify!

Monthly Podcast

LLST Monthly Podcast #3 with Josie Billington - February 2024

This time our podcast focuses on what the arts offer us in working with life skills of attention and emotion regulation. Our guest, Professor Josie Billington, from the University of Liverpool in the UK, studies how arts experiences bring healing and wellness. Our joyful talk touches on international programs and research using poetry and stories, photography, music and dance—with all kinds of audiences.
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